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Would you prayerfully consider booking us for a Your Place of Grace Conference at your church, retreat, or family camp? The Holy Spirit is moving in our services and Jesus is being glorified.


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About Me

My testimony is one of healing from emotional and physical abuse which I experienced as a child in parochial school, and substance abuse as a young aspiring actor/musician in Hollywood where I played several tiny bits on the sitcoms, “Three’s Company” and “The Two of Us,” as well as several commercials, and numerous live theatrical productions. I also played in a heavy metal band during that period, but a bitter heart and terrible substance abuse was my downfall. 

I crashed and burned emotionally and spiritually in 1987 but the following year, I experienced a radical transformation in my heart and life when I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord while listening to Pastor E.V. Hill preaching on TBN. Over the years, God has worked several amazing miracles in my life and He can do the same for anyone through Jesus Christ. I obeyed His call and became an Assemblies of God Minister in 1995 and have never looked back!

I have ministered in churches on America’s west coast to the east coast and points in between. We preach and teach the message of grace and faith, with the emphasis on the finished work of Christ at the Cross and Holy Spirit Renewal. My heart is to serve Pastors and congregations no matter the denomination, through prayer and a hand of friendship, because I too served as a Pastor in the Assemblies of God for sixteen years. I am now entering my ninth year as an Itinerant Preacher and Teacher. We have witnessed many people making decisions for Christ, and others experience His healing power as well as Holy Spirit Renewal. My heart’s desire is to minister totally reliant upon the leading and power of the Holy Spirit in order that people might come to know Christ and the abundant life He offers to all.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of a “Your Place of Grace Conference” in your church!
– Anthony Sluzas 

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