God gives every single human being a period of time to repent and turn to Jesus Christ. If you’ll read in the book of Revelation, that as the judgments begin to come, there will be people who’d seen all kinds of things wiped out by the judgement of God, yet even so, “they would not repent.” What does that tell you? There comes a point when people are not going to change. What has happened? They have seared their conscience. They’ve dulled themselves to the point where the gravity of their sin doesn’t bother them anymore and they have no respect or love for God.
Abba Father, help us to never become like that.
Remember the Prodigal Son?
He took his inheritance and went off spending it on rebellious and “riotous living.” Notice, however, that the father did not chase him. Did the father love his son? Absolutely. We know he did. Did he go and beg his son to come home? No. Why not? It would have done no good. Why not? Because the son wasn’t ready to repent. He CHOSE to remain in bondage to his sin and stupidity. Sin makes us stupid, dear one. But when this boy, now toiling in the filth of a pigpen, finally “came to himself,” he turned around, and returned home humbly to repent before the father. And his father “seeing him afar off” ran toward his son, embraced him (pig stink and all). He kissed him, clothed him in the finest robe, put a ring on his finger and shoes on his feet, he welcomed the son home and threw a huge feast!
This is repentance, and it’s glorious!
Do you need to return to the Father’s house?
Perhaps this is your hour of decision to do so.
You can do it today.
Right now.