Forever Grace: A Five-Lesson Book And Study Guide


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The work of grace saves, sets free, heals, forgives, and emboldens us to transform life into something that taps into God’s eternal plan for the world. It is a topic we cannot learn enough about, and cannot study enough. No matter where we are on our spiritual journey, all of us can benefit from learning more about God’s transforming work of grace, going on in, through, and among us, as we walk the Christian life. In this five-part study, author, evangelist, and teacher Anthony Sluzas takes any student of grace through a journey into the work of grace in a way that is practical, understandable, and applicable for the reader. Perfect for a Bible or small group study, adult Sunday School class, mid-week themed study, leadership class, family study, or personal devotion, this look into the work of grace will bring anyone closer to the true revelation of God’s amazing grace in their lives.


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