Pocketbook of Faith: A Little Book of Encouragement


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Is your pocket full? What is in it? Is it money, change, a portable device, or is your pocket full of something else – maybe faith? It might seem like the world crowds and overtakes us much of the time, but when it comes to faith, it is something we should always have ready, accessible, and at hand, because it is faith that connects us to God and makes our lives better.

In Anthony Sluzas’s classic “pocket book” style, Pocketbook of Faith: A Little Book of Encouragement, you will find a special, short, and perfect-sized book to inspire and challenge your faith in new and exciting ways. Easy, accessible, and readable by everyone from the most advanced believer to the newest believer in Christ, this read challenges you to turn over every aspect of your life to God, from personal faith, to believing beyond what we can see, to weathering storms by faith, to the work of the Holy Spirit in our faith. In a book perfect to keep in your pocket, purse, take to the beach or park, read on your lunch hour, or just keep handy for Bible study and personal reference, stir up the great gift of faith that is within you, and watch it make a huge difference in your walk of Christian faith.


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