Soaring!: Messages Of Encouragement And Hope


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Making excuses? Facing temptation? Backslidden? Rejected? Resentful? Disobedient? If any of these sound like things you are dealing with, then this book is perfect for you, right where you are in your life. Did you know, you can soar like an eagle, or you can hang out with buzzards? It might have never been addressed in quite the same way, but we often hang out with the buzzards, who bring us down and look for any way to pick at things, because we never knew we could soar. You, yes you – as hard of a time as you might be having – can soar like an eagle, but you have to get your thinking off the ground and into the air!
In this book, Anthony Sluzas provides stories with lessons, messages with encouragement, and a general sense of hope and inspiration to anyone who might need that push to soar in their own lives. Come along with good humor, warmth, and ultimately, hope and encouragement to become all God has for you to be, if you are just willing to take the leap…and soar!


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