“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners” (1 Corinthians 15:33, KJV)
Ever noticed that it’s often easier to gain than lose weight? In this world it also seems easier to tear down than to build up…or to get sick than to walk in health…or to destroy a relationship than work to maintain one. Seemingly, the things we desire are more difficult to come by than those we wish to avoid. It’s the same with what we choose to hear.
Godly values and attitudes which take a long time time to build can also be destroyed by just a few reckless words. We realize that all of us have experienced our moments of enthusiasm quenched by the disapproving, negative words of someone else. Yes, the Bible stresses the importance of the words we speak, but we must also guard what we hear and take to heart.
Today, Christians are exposed to and bombarded by the negative, unbelieving words of this world like never before. Most of us open the floodgates directly into our homes and vehicles. We are very much aware of all the terrible things happening in our society and the world. Millions get their “entertainment” listening to “news” and “music” that glorifies hatred, violence, and also wails about misery and hopelessness. Make no mistake: All these words carry power, albeit the power of darkness. What we take in to our ears and hearts has the power to drag us down, frighten, and depress. As Christ followers, we don’t need that.
Prayerfully consider what you’re hearing and seeing today. Do you really want what you’re taking in through your eye and ear gates? Choose life instead of death (Deuteronomy 30:19). If the words spoken to you do not increase your faith and draw you closer to Jesus, rebuke and reject them. Then, on purpose, turn your attention and thoughts to the Word of God, and choose joy!