Most people do not understand the anger of God because they confuse the wrath of God with that of human beings. God’s wrath and man’s have precious little in common. The anger we human beings experience is all too often self-centered and prone to explosions of temper or even violent acts. We tend to get ‘honked off’ when we believe we’ve been neglected, blown off, or cheated. This kind of thing is the anger of human beings. However, it is not the anger of God.
Our Heavenly Father does not get angry because He doesn’t get His way. The righteous wrath of God is manifested because our disobedience and rebellion always results in self-destruction. Think about it…What kind of father just sits by and watches his child hurt himself/herself?
If you have family or friends who are living in disobedience and rebellion against God, please take a moment today to lift them up in prayer. Your prayers do make a difference.