A well known Christian singer tells of a time many years ago when he was flat broke, but still pursuing his God-given dream to record his first album. He finally was able to gather several local studio musicians in his small southern hometown to record a gospel album. Time was of the essence as the studio charged by the hour and so they rushed through the session. After recording one particular song, the singer said to the others, “I don’t know. That just didn’t sound quite right. It’s just not good enough.” To which one unsaved musician who was there for his couple of bucks and obviously couldn’t seem to care less, piped up and laughingly retorted, “Well, come on now. It’s good enough for gospel [music]!”
Years later, this singer is now very well known and when recalling that event from decades ago said, “I’ve learned that…No, it’s not good enough for gospel’ until it’s right, and done to the best of our ability and for the glory of God.”
The Lord deserves our first and our best in whatever He’s called us do, in every area of our life for His glory, honor and praise.