Today, for some reason, even at my age, I miss my Mother’s unconditional love, affection, smile, sense of humor, laugh, her encouragement and most of all, hearing the words, “I’m very proud of you, son” and “I love you.” Granted, we know the love of God is incomparable and eternal, but while on this earth living inside these bodies of flesh, we still need to experience, feel, see and hear it from others sometimes. If we don’t, it cuts deeply to the heart. I’ve been there. So have you. It’s an indescribable hurt.
So while we’re still alive on this earth, people need to experience our sincere compassion and feel our hugs. Reach out! They need to hear words of encouragement and our prayers. Finally, countless numbers of people are longing to hear someone say, “Jesus loves you, and I love you too.”
I want to be that kind of vessel which God uses to bless others. I trust you do too. Let’s purpose to touch our hurting world with His love, one person at a time.
And hey…I love you in the Lord.