Pertaining to Life and Godliness


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OBEDIENCE to God appears to be a dirty word in the mouths of many ministers and believers today. Pursuing the life abundant means more than just amassing things; it is about pursuing the qualities of God within our lives, those that relate to godliness. Developing a godly walk calls each and every believer to serious personal examination about things such as God’s place in one’s life, one’s relationship with the Scriptures, and one’s own adherence to spiritual matters, no matter how uncomfortable they may be.In this book, Anthony Sluzas offers not just a challenge to every believer, but a resource for living by one’s faith, day in and day out. Whether you seek to grow spiritually, expand your walk of faith, learn how to overcome the devil, identify false religion, or learn about better living with God, your spouse, and others, this book provides the perfect introduction for all life and godliness have to offer the Christian believer.


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