Deliverance Handbook


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The world of healing and deliverance today often takes complex – and dramatic turns. What is the genuine purpose and reason for deliverance ministry? What does it look like? More importantly, what does healing and deliverance look like, and where do we start to find the answers? In this simple, easy-to-read handbook about the basics of deliverance, author Anthony Sluzas answers all these questions, and more. Here, the author makes the world of deliverance uncomplicated; something to embrace from a Biblical perspective rather than approaching it with fear and intimidation. Use this important book as a practical reference guide into the genuine ministry of deliverance. Identify areas where deliverance is needed, dynamics of bondage, sin and deliverance, examples of deliverance in Scripture, the promise of freedom, and ways we can stand as agents of healing and deliverance in our lives, right now.


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