Pocketbook of Faith 2: Another Little Book of Encouragement


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How is your pocket doing – is it full of faith yet? If the last book left you longing for more faith to fill it up and take with you wherever you go, do not despair! Here to fill your pocket again is the latest installment of author Anthony Sluzas’ series, Pocketbook of Faith. In this second book of the series, you will find more great insights and perspectives on faith to enrich your everyday life and inspire believers in all stages of spiritual growth and walks of life.

In this particular installment, Pocketbook of Faith 2: Another Little Book of Encouragement, you will find a host of short, inspirational chapters to inspire, spark, and encourage you to take your faith to new and insightful heights. Grow with the challenges of this inspirational series in areas of speaking faith, confronting worry, the spiritual relevance of the cross in your life, what to do when you are hungering for more, and handling change, this book will become your newest must-have for Bible study and regular devotional time with God. Keep this short, perfectly sized book in your purse, your Bible cover, with your devotional reading, or of course, in your pocket, be sure to use it to fill up on faith – and transform your life as you grow in spiritual perspective.


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