Know God: No Fear


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WITH life comes worries and cares that can overwhelm each and every one of us if we are not careful and attentive to the work of the enemy through fear in our lives. Whether it’s our family life, finances, situations, expenses, jobs, or personal spiritual concerns, worries and troubles always have a way of finding us, no matter how rich, poor, great, or small we may be. In this book, Anthony Sluzas draws on many years’ worth of insights into approaching our worries, cares, and fears with faith in Jesus Christ and applying the Word of God to every circumstance. This book will challenge the reader to delve into the real fears they have behind the ones we often voice and provide comfort, insight, and wisdom to those situations and problems as they arise. Grab your Bible, gird up yourself with strength, and come along on a journey out of fear to know God better in a more profound way.


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